Trees, Birds, and Fire

Contrary to the wishes of existing Big Tech incumbents, the future of NFTs and the metaverse are based on decentralization and on correcting the global mistakes we made during the evolution of the Web 2.0 internet. Musicians and artists are now able to take control of their creations and build intimate fan engagement. Concerts are being held in the Metaverse with greater attendance than physical venues. Artists now have unprecedented global reach and can collaborate easily with scientists and other experts. And content creators from all spectrums of the art world can build a loyal following where they control and own the information necessary to directly engage closely with their fans.
This twelfth book in the Crypto Hipster series, entitled Trees, Birds, and Fire focuses on four Crypto Hipster podcasts. Sam Feldt, world famous disc jockey, music producer, and founder of Fangage, founder of TKS, shares why musicians should create their own platform for fan engagement. Christian Hook, painter and film producer shares how artists and scientists, collaboratively are paving the path for NFTs in film and painting. He discusses his experiences with his latest documentary Painting the Invisible. Musician Orrin tells us what it is like to be half man and half cyborg and his inner struggles of duality with the creation of his album MUTANTS. And Colin Fitzpatrick, Chief Executive Officer of Animal Concerts, tells all about the challenges of building a global concert platform in the metaverse.

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