Others focus on prices. I focus on the Future.

Top Tech Author & Podcaster in Darien

Hello, my name is Jamil Hasan, and I am an expert in crypto and blockchain. I am certified in several courses with honors. I am the author of several books and a host of podcasts to help people understand more about the technology surrounding them, opening a range of new opportunities and guaranteeing access to ...

My Books

The world is changing, and it is necessary to understand the basic concepts regarding the new generation of negotiations and technology topics. This encompasses a variety of issues, such as cryptocurrencies, the metaverse, digital regulation, decentralized finance, and more. I am experienced in the financial ...

My Podcasts

Clients are always pleased with the quality services that I offer and my ability to keep crowds entertained and amused throughout any event. I have an array of jokes, magic tricks, and all-round comedy fun that will leave your guests raving for weeks to come. To find out more, feel free to get in touch via the ...

Why Us?

  • Block Chain Specialist
  • Crypto Specialist
  • Author Of More Than Seven Books
  • Data & Tech Specialist
  • More than 395 Podcasts
  • More than 251 books
  • Over 6 Years of Crypto Experience
  • Crypto Certified
  • 2 Decades of Experience on Multibillionaire Tech Projects