The Crypto Nomad's Powerful Brew: How Decentralization Combats Frauds, Rugs, and Digital Crime

The year 2022 witnessed a remarkable crypto implosion, with numerous insolvencies and bankruptcies filed by some of the largest centralized crypto exchanges in the world. From Celsius and Voyager in June 2022, to FTX and BlockFi in November 2022, it appeared that almost no one was immune from a crypto catastrophe. The interviews contained within this book happened before the remarkable festivities but serve not as harbingers of the massive failures, but predictive lessons of what to be on the lookout for in the industry. Rugs, hacks, frauds and cybercrime have been prevalent throughout the history of the nascent crypto industry, but certain tricks of the trade and growth lessons could be the anchors on which we can build a decentralized future we can believe in and trust.
This ninth book in the Crypto Hipster series, entitled The Crypto Nomad’s Powerful Brew focuses on four Crypto Hipster podcasts from 2021 through 2022. Samy Karim, Binance Smart Chain ecosystem coordinator, shares about the importance and application of technological security advancements and global crypto security trends and insights. Ruben Merre, cofounder of NGRAVE, discusses the importance of staying safe, especially in the metaverse, and shares his wisdom around the Private Key Paradox. Nick Smart, the Director of Blockchain Intelligence at Crystal Blockchain, helps us to understand how to predict frauds and rug pulls when making crypto investments and donations. And Monty Munford, Chief Evangelist at Sienna Network, author, writer, and Bollywood actor who interviews very famous people, shares how thinking on your feet and being the court jester at times will take you a long, long way in life.

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