Blockchain Ethics: Arise from the Ashes

Blockchain Ethics: Arise from the Ashes is a continuation of the Blockchain Ethics consumer guide series that author Jamil Hasan first penned in March 2018. After three and a half year hiatus from this series, Jamil noticed some important trends in the media plaguing the retail consumer's ability to effectively and accurately understand the real benefits of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology: media disinformation and misinformation. Jamil's relaunched series tackles these issues.

Jamil, in addition to being a crypto investor, trader and consultant, is a podcast host with the Irish Tech News. In this book, he examines Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), how they can be used to rebuild lives and relaunch careers, by taking conversations from his 2021 podcasts with entrepreneurs, artists, and business leaders, providing readers with an ethical guide to understanding digitized and tokenized gaming, art, and the metaverse. Jamil also discusses how now is the time to relaunch the discussion of Blockchain Ethics and the future of crypto, globally.

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