Street Art and Graffiti NFTs

This book focuses on my conversation with Graffiti Artist Darren Cullen, aka SER, from South London. Darren began his graffiti career way back in 1983, aged 10 years old, at the very birth of British graffiti. His path in graffiti started like many graffiti artists with the birth of hip-hop culture in the early 1980s. Exploring every aspect of the graffiti-writing scene, SER found himself emblazoning his name across the streets and walls of London. This led to a greater need to increase his presence with the public and so began the systematic destruction of the train networks and rail infrastructure across the U.K. & the world. There then comes a point in every graffiti artist's life when their illegal activity becomes of great interest to the Police and having a prison cell as a second home is not that appealing so SER needed to rethink. This spurred SER into forming the Graffiti Kings collective with some of the world's best graffiti & street artists to go legit and take on the world. Darren Cullen aka SER - Graffiti Kings founder/head honcho/artist
The only Graffiti Artist approved by the British Government & official Graffiti Artist for the London 2012 Games…. Just saying.
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