Origins of the Metaverse: How the Metaverse is Metamorphosizing the Future of Digital Technology

As the metaverse becomes more than just a buzzword and hype, changing how we engage with global communities, play online games, experience virtual opportunities, and build future businesses, keeping up with all the innovation in the metaverse may appear challenging. Sifting through it all or trying to figure out what is real and what is make-believe may also be daunting. That’s where this edition comes in… to help you better navigate and understand the world of the metaverse, through conversations with some of its original creators.
This fourth book in the Crypto Hipster series, entitled Origins of the Metaverse focuses on how the metaverse is starting to take shape and become a new battleground for online business and opportunity for the billions of internet users around the world. I demonstrate the importance of creating a secure online personal identity with Rene Stefancic at Enjin. Then we learn about creating deep fakes, especially Tom Cruise Deep Fakes, with Tom Graham, founder of Metaphysic. We took a journey with Jawad Ashraf, founder of Terra Virtua, who has been building metaverses for the last five years to discover this metaverse concept isn’t a new bright and shiny bubble. Then, we explore the makings of a Metamall with Serge Gianchandani. And finally, we discover how MyMetaverse’s founder Simon Kertonegoro is focusing on the user-experience in his adoption of the eFinity platform.
My hope is that you find this book both educational and useful in your crypto and life journey.

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