From Stuck to Unstoppable

This first book in the Crypto Hipster series, entitled From “Stuck” to Unstoppable, focuses on how blockchain technology can help us overcome adversity, depression, and suicidal thoughts. I demonstrate the overcoming adversity component through the personal story of Sir John Hargrave and his book Blockchain for Everyone, by Brett King’s intriguing work entitled The Rise of Technosocialism, and Brett Scott’s Cloudmoney.

The fourth chapter focuses on my interview with Jay H. Tepley, her book The Unbreakable Entrepreneur, and her lifetime focus on helping others recover from depression. We speak about what to do when having suicidal thoughts, as there were teenage suicides in my town during the time of our conversation and one of my best friends committed suicide when I was sixteen years old.

My hope is that you find this book both educational and useful in your crypto and life journey.

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