Why Wall Street is Running Scared

I have titled the second compilation, Episode 2, “Why Wall Street is Running Scared,” and that episode I have now converted it into this book. As global finance shifts from traditional products and services to a digital economy built upon blockchain technology and more inclusive to the world's unbanked population, keeping up with the shifts may appear challenging. That’s where this edition comes in… to help you better navigate and understand the world of decentralized finance.

This second book in the Crypto Hipster series, entitled Why Wall Street is Running Scared focuses on how decentralized finance is starting to create a more inclusive form of capitalism. I demonstrate the importance of financial development by sharing David Uhryniak’s journey since starting at Tron DAO. Then we learn about Thibault Perrad’s journey out of Switzerland and into China during the early Covid days as he shares his experience at Bifrost Finance. Rex Hygate tells us how he built his company DeFi Safety and the new ways to evaluate blockchain finances. And Carter Klein shares his insights from Cmorq, a builder of decentralized finance applications and protocols as we talk all about the concept of inclusive capitalism.

My hope is that you find this book both educational and useful in your crypto and life journey.

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