Using Blockchain to Reunite Families

This book focuses on my conversation with Kristine A. Smith, who is a Star Producer and Ambassador for the Erasing Family Documentary, ( a free non-profit feature-length film about family court induced trauma and real-life reunifications, the film is endorsed by the American Psychological Association. This film helps erased kids open to reunite with their parents.
Kristine Smith has been written about in Jamil Hasan's book Blockchain Ethics, in Chapter 4 "Cracking the Glass Ceiling". Jamil writes of Krissy's sudden status as a newly minted "bitcoin" millionaire in 2017 and her struggles as a "non-custodial" parent and her ongoing custody battle in Chester County Pennsylvania "Family" Court. Jamil details the story of how Krissy made money on cryptocurrency to donate to Ginger Gentile the Director of the Erasing Family social impact documentary, to make it free to educate the masses (including divorce attorneys!!) on the mental health crisis caused by "Family" Court.
Krissy Smith has been a proud and loud voice for the #PsychiatricSurvivor and the #FreeBritney movements. In the state of Pennsylvania, Krissy is an advocate for 50-50 Shared Parenting. She believes that anything less than that will perpetuate the mental health crisis underlying many suicides, homicides, and mass shootings in our society. Smith does not want others to suffer the same fate she has, missing the holidays with her offspring. To achieve that goal, she has been rallying support for HB 1397, a proposed Parenting Time bill in Pennsylvania. This bill promotes gender equality in custody determinations and aims to protect the right of children to continue to have both parents meaningfully involved in their lives following a separation or divorce.

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