The Zoology and Cheese of NFTs: The Many Shapes and Sizes of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have not only been an area of tremendous growth over the last couple years but also have helped empower an amazing Renaissance for content creators. Now, instead of being at the mercy of agents, auction houses, or the choice tastes of middlemen, artists can directly reach their audiences through digital creations. NFTs, which is effectively a digital receipt that you bought and own something, or many things, on the blockchain, manifest in many different forms. An NFT can be digital artwork, or a ticket, or music, a collectible, photograph, book, or any other creative medium that demonstrates ownership and community involvement. The sky really is the limit and NFTs are a blue ocean for creatives.
This eighth book in the Crypto Hipster series, entitled The Zoology and Cheese of NFTs focuses on four Crypto Hipster podcasts from 2021 through 2022. Philip Colbert, creator of Lobstars shares about how the recent U.K. law that recognizes lobsters as sentient beings has inspired him to create of the metaverse city of Lobsteropolis and dedicate his efforts toward researching what these amazing creatures can teach us. Sara Nemati, Director of NFTs at Cmorq, and one of the founding artists of the Bored Apes Ladies Collective shares her vision of how women can join the power of the collective to become more involved in expressing their creativity through NFTs. Danil Kviroruchko, founder of Ksoids, and Andy Alexhin, founder of Snark Art Studio, discuss how they launched their Ksoids NFT sale, but how the proceeds from these fluffy creatures has helped benefit endangered orangutans and initiated a path forward for carbon emission reduction. And Joey Dunne, aka LeDrop WithCheese, a celebrity NFT blogger, tells us all about how to rate celebrity NFTs and why NFTs are an amazing blue ocean for communities around the world.

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