The Duality of Life: A Conversation with Orrin

This book focuses on my conversation with Orrin.
A higher civilization sent Orrin to warn humans of the impending apocalypse. Orrin was discovered by millions through a series of viral clips pulled from an episode of the Dr. Phil Show. Orrin's mother and sister, concerned about Orrin's realization, appeared with Orrin to seek help from Dr. Phil. Orrin's composure throughout the show, along with much of what is said throughout the episode, has hooked viewers, leading to thousands of jokes in the comment section of the video.
Who is Orrin?
Orrin graduated from NYU's Stern Business School with a 3.9 GPA, but everything changed following this. For the last couple of years, according to their mother, Orrin has claimed to be a music-making cyborg. Orrin is a collective, and therefore speaks using "we", not "I", a particular element of the Orrin persona that "Borg" fans have gravitated towards. There are many notable quotes from the episode, such as "we are not hungry, thank you" and "we are not a fan of bananas, so we remove those," which have drawn people further into Orrin's persona. Orrin embraces these jokes without breaking character.
Press release -
We are overly excited to announce the NFT collaboration between Mintbase and a cyborg from the future called Orrin.
Orrin is choosing Mintbase and NEAR to deliver this message using a series of NFTs combined with the release of the cyborg's new album, MUTANT
Thanks to its proof of stake consensus algorithm and collaboration to offset CO2 emissions, Mintbase can track and split royalties forever on a climate neutral chain.
The NFTs include:
Tier 1 - MUTANT album for $100 USD with bonus keychain and single
Five hundred copies available
Tier 2 - MUTANT merch bundle including a hat, shirt, and screensaver for $50 USD
Two hundred copies available
Tier 3 - MUTANT keychains in blue, green, red, yellow, and blue for $20 USD
One hundred copies available per colorway
Each keychain comes with two songs from the album
Collect all the keychains to get the "entire" album plus a special keychain
Support Orrin and purchase his new NFT album -
Listen to MUTANT on streaming when available -

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