Sold Out in Fifteen Seconds: NFTs for Gaming, Art, Investments, Graffiti, and Digital Disneyland

Coming out of COVID-19, the year 2021 started a renaissance movement with nonfungible tokens (NFTs), witnessed by remarkable growth and development of different NFT marketplaces: gaming, metaverses, collectibles, art, and music, to name just a few. This book covers the early part of that movement, around the April 2021 timeframe, just before the massive market explosion just a few months later. The interviews contained within this book, looking back, were the early harbingers of that growth market. NFTs have grown dramatically since their inception, and even since April 2021. This book offers a taste of the new environment that spawned what we see even growing further today.
This tenth book in the Crypto Hipster series, entitled Sold Out in Fifteen Seconds focuses on four Crypto Hipster podcasts. Darren Cullen, aka SER, CEO and Founder of Graffiti Kings, shares how his first NFT collectible offering in partnership with Our Planet sold out in fifteen seconds, and is the title of this book’s inspirational story. Jillian Godsil, journalist, broadcaster, writer and former European Parliament candidate, and the Crypto Hipster conduct an NFT 101 discussion, covering topics like Beeple, Crypto Punks, music, and many more in an informative and educational discussion. Michael Dowling, finance professor at Dublin City University, shares his early research and insights into the metaverse and how we can create our own Digital Disneyland. And J.D. Salbego, Chief Executive Officer at AnRKey X talks about the early days of crypto gaming yield farming and his invention of Money Sports, a brand-new industry that has spawned in the eSports world because of blockchain technology.

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