How to Overcome Depression When Trading and Investing in Cryptocurrencies

This book focuses on my conversation with Jay H. Tepley, who is an author, entrepreneur, international speaker, and passionate mental health advocate. A lifelong geek and a research aficionado, she helps entrepreneurs overcome depression through her proven masculine-focused system of spiritual evolution. Her Unbreakable ONE program has shown many men the road to personal power and renewed hope, and they credit her with saving many lives. She has spent the last 20 years teaching and coaching students around the globe. They have featured her charity work supporting mental health in the Guardian, The Jeremy Vine Show and BBC 1.
When she is not teaching or writing, Jay enjoys reading about Japan, where she studied and lived for a time (she also speaks fluent Japanese, and her unique novel, the Lightwatch Chronicles, begins in Tokyo). You can connect with Jay through a dedicated Telegram channel, Unbreakable Entrepreneur, where you can also receive exclusive book excerpts, students-only news, and video training.

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