An Altruistic New Paradigm: The Pursuit of Trust and Altruistic Good

I have titled the fourth compilation for Crypto Hipster’s Chronicles, Episode 4, “The Pursuit of Trust and Altruistic Good”, and that episode I have now converted into this book. As the blockchain continues its ethical importance on a global scale, transforming everything from finance to banking to social impact initiatives to family court and reuniting families, keeping up with all the societal breakthroughs caused by this innovative technology is more important now than ever before. Understanding how blockchain technology could have a vital role in our personal lives is paramount. That’s where this edition comes in… to help you better navigate and understand the world of the altruistic impact of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, and the promises offered by both.
This fifth book in the Crypto Hipster series, entitled An Altruistic New Paradigm focuses on blockchain technology offers wonderful new opportunities for the world in terms of social impact, while helping foster a global paradigm shift to a more inclusive and altruistic global society. Fereshteh Forough shares her life-altering story as an Afghan refugee who created Code to Inspire, where girls from Afghanistan are learning to code and pulling themselves out of poverty in the face of the Taliban regime. Helen Hai then shares what Binance Charity is all about, including the last-mile solutions they offer that foster altruistic good, globally. Krissy Smith next shares her journey as a star producer of Ginger Gentile’s film Erasing Family. We wrap up the book with an amazing conversation with Don Tapscott as we discuss two of his books: Paradigm Shift and Blockchain Revolution. Don and I explore how Old Paradigms Die Hard.

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